New year

Calender, not school. Time to resolve, and stick to it, lose the weight by ramping up the exercise (in house if we get these ____________ noreasters, keeping me out of the gym) and eating clean, as in no junk.Do it and lose it! How (“Cause we can resist anything but temptation! :D)? Think of your hero/ role model, fix on him/her. What would s/he do? Now, do it.

Lots of papers to write this semester. Figure on Fenway in April or May for the outsider field trip.

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catching up and not

November now. School’s well in, but  I feel like I’ve accomplished little. Going to need to rethink my classes. Maybe 1 science class a week, done twice. Bio in 1 week, physics the next week, and then chem the next, and back to bio in week 4; alternate weeks with g&c and lit, and hist/geog.

              M       T    W    TH   F

sci         x                        x

math                x                   x

fr         x                         x

eng                        x

soc                 x              x

Also ramp up the PT and diet (NOT food choices!). MoS at least once a month; use the membership (it costed enough). Reminder–possum paper due the end of the semester.

Be seeing the Floridians soon. Bliz’ll be ticked, but she’ll be okay. Lots of toys to take it out on.

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That’s what you are when you wander about after eating. Had time to kill before the show, so I thought I’d go see my old stomping grounds, what used to be Verizon’s local headquarters. It’s changed, complete with not-necessarily-visitor-friendly security guards, unlike us when we had tourists visiting all the time. No more historical mural, either, 3 years after the fact.  Wandering streets I used to travel every day, getting lost, seeing new sight, and finally finding my way back. One hour to show time.

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At the park

A fine fall Tuesday, if today was fall. 60s for highs, with the usual average supposed to be around 72; not today. Like the summer (dog days at he end of June into July, cool days in mid-August), it’s 6 weeks early. New England’s infamous wait-a-minute weather is definitely working overtime. I’m relaxing in Boston’s Public Garden, vegging by the pond, watching the geese and ducks, the 2 swans (Castor and Pollux?), and the ferocious Boston squirrels, and enjoying the last rays of sunlight. After some food, it’s on to the theater to see “Potted Potter.”

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and here we go!

School started Tuesday, so we’re back to normal. Lots of internet research and activities to do for classes. I’ll have to bring my computer to the library. Now, I just have to remember how to log on to their printer.

Weather forecast says good for Tuesday, so I’ll figure on Georges Island for then. If it goes south, I’ll go to the MoS. Monday will be busy; it’s my biggest school day with 3 classes, Chemistry, french, and grammar and composition. Finally feeling like things are back to normal, or what passes for it.

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New bed and pillow, no buggies (yet!), Bliz is sometimes going back under the covers (It isn’t cold yet! :) ), the VA is theraping my left shoulder now with talk of arch supports for my feet, and school just started. Plan on Georges Island or MOS next Tuesday.
The last of The Bridge Door is on the critique forum, but no one is commenting. Bummer!

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Wackiness calms

Bed is gone, victim of bedbugs (2 treatments and lots of spraying by me, and it still housed bugs). Caleb of the Hall Co took it apart, we wrapped it (and the bugs stayed invisible, like they do whenever I’m looking for them), and today (Wed 8/14), the disposal guys came and got it. Bliz and I spent the last 2 sleeps in my sleeping bag (which I wish I remembered before) (*face, meet palm*).

Victim #2–pillow. Tuesday night, we slept in/on the bag, semi-comfy, and bite-free. Actually got about 4 hours of sleep uninterrupted, 1st time in ages. Wednesday afternoon, I added the pillow. Half an hour later, bite. Bliz’s radar found the bug, and I added him to my collection. After that, with my skin so sensitive from all the bites, everything was feeling like a bite, so sleep was in bits and pieces. So, pillow, obviously compromised by the **********!, got plastic-bagged and disposed of.

Thursday, I will move the bag (which I sprayed before putting away and which Bliz is cursing me for because it smells pepperminty) into the middle of the room, closer to the original location, away from the window, and see what happens. I think the drawer-clothes may be due for a mass wash/dry, with me spraying the inside of the dresser drawers, just in case.

Waiting for next week for my furniture. Will need a new pillow, bag for same, and a new set of sheets.

Weather’s about the same. Navigators season is over, but I got to one game. Academics are all done for the summer (even putting my math test work into the workbook); all I have is the PT test, and I’ll do that Friday. 2 weeks of summer break (only from school) in which I’ll try to go to the zoo (miss my budgies :D ) and Spectacle Island on my days off.

Any room in those days off for Smallflame and Riverclan? They’re feeling neglected! Hint! Hint!

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